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How to use Connectify Hotspot?

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For use Connectify Hotspot .. It's very easy and you will understand it quickly .
First you have to taps setting and clients .. click to settings
(note :: To see the image more clearly click on them )

1-To enter the name of your network .
2-To enter your password to your network .

From (Internet to Share) you can select What the network card you want share internet from it .
You must select the network you connecting to it .

From (Advanced Settings,Share over ) you can select what the network card you want to share internet over it .
From (Advanced Settings,Sharing mode ) you can select the mode of sharing and you have three modes :
WPA2 .. The best Mode .
OPEN .. The network will be open to all people .
WPA  .. Network will be secure .

After that setting click to Start Hotspot button ,, :)

The Program will run without any problem  :)

To see clients click to Clients Tap :
1: clients connect to your network now .
2:clients connect to your network .. in the past .

To learn How To Block Any client Click To this Link :

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